Pullman Studios operates on Project Based Recording. Our remote location dictates scheduled procedures rather than walk in off the street scenarios. As you can see from the picture (the yellow circle marks our location) we do mean remote. Project based recording means we will work with you for the period of time that it takes to get you the finished product. Our behind the scenes activities are included in our project fees. We negotiate with you for a fee that can be justified by both sides. We may work late at night or other hours depending on studio availability.

The type of service, audio or video program, music recording session, audio advertisement, podcast or event production all determine whether we can provide you service so definition is one of the first requirements that needs to be established. An estimate of the amount of time you will need can help us with scheduling.

Remember we are setup to do broadcasting from an intimate setting for a recorded or live audience. We are not your typical walk in the door studio for dropping tracks and mastering. This gives the artist a opportunity to perform and polish performances if necessary. We have the ability to mix analog or digitally into a variety of storage technologies. We look forward to providing you a unique experience.

It is important to note that we do not provide musical instruments nor any equipment for your session. You must provide all your equipment and roadies as if you were doing a performance on stage. We have loading doors on the building to allow for bringing in your gear and packing it up at the end of the session. Our studios are small and intimate and will not house a symphony orchestra. We do however have that ability outside, weather permitting. We supply tv cameras and microphones for recording and of course the equipment necessary for data storage.

At the completion of a session we will then proceed with producing a final product for reproduction or broadcast. Whether your end product is cd, vinyl, video or digital storage we will ensure a product you can be proud of.