man·u·script noun plural noun: manuscripts ...a book, document, or piece of music written by hand rather than typed or printed. Let us improve on this: we take your work, your dream, your needs, and utilizing our skills and experience we consult, ghostwrite, edit, typeset, illustrate, and can publish a final product.

When it comes to media and publishing our staff are tops in the field and are world reknown. Yes we can do that! We can provide information authoring and design for all industries. From copy writing to technical writing Pullman Studios does what no other studio operation can do. We can take books from handwriting to published hard cover publications. We can take music manuscripts to copyright documents. Album Covers, CD Covers, to Electronic Deliverables, we have you covered. For RFP's on your tasks and needs contact us.

Product Definition:

Product definition is dependent on who the end user is going to be. You must qualify what you want produced - manual, instructions, book, cover art, etc. The answer is directly related to the resources we assign to you the customer. Once that is established we move to the next step.

Copy Writing and Design:

Resources applied to your product determines the time frame involved to develop the product for release. Books and Manuals are complex and require time to build a quality product for the end user. Usually we need to interact with you or various individuals as the scope and complexity of the document increases so be sure to include the extended time when determining milestones of the overall process. Cover Art and text utilize different tools making delivery quicker. We can supply content generation and ghostwriting assistance if you require help in these areas. We can work with you to take your ideas to fruition.

Publication and Distribution:

Once content is generated you have to deliver the product to your audience. There are two ways to do that: electronic and print. Electronic is as simple as saving your final edited draft. Print on the other hand can be through self publishing or using a complete ink printing house. Obviously ink printing is more expensive that electronic. There are a number of advantages and disadvantages to be analyzed in making your decision and we can sit down with you and discuss those options. Distribution is the process of getting your product into the hands of your audience. Electronic output can range from a simple website blog, to being for sale online by self publishing in places like Amazon. Different paths involve different costs and percentages of commission by agents. As part of our services with you we can advise you on the best path forward for your success.